The objectives of these Regulations are to ensure that consumers are made aware that the food, feed or product is genetically modified so that they can make informed choices and also to facilitate the traceability of products to assist in the implementation of appropriate risk management measures where necessary.
The Regulations seek to facilitate accurate labeling, monitoring of the effects on the environment and where appropriate, on health, and the implementation of the appropriate risk management measures including withdrawal of products from the market.

The Regulations shall not apply to: food, feed or their ingredients containing approved genetically modified organisms and derived products where there is inadvertent presence of genetically modified material in proportions of less than 1% of the total weight, highly refined food, where the effect of the refining process is to remove novel DNA and/or novel protein; a processing aid or food additive, except where novel DNA and/or novel protein from the processing aid or food additive remains present in the food to which it has been added above the threshold level and food intended for consumption prepared and sold from food premises and vendors

Labeling Regulation 2012

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